Company Policy

Safety and quality management, energy saving and pollution prevention policy


The present policy applies to the following Company activities:
  • Services in ship’s commercial, operational and technical management;
  • Chartering;
  • Agency;
  • Brokerage;
  • Forwarding;
  • Ship Communications and crew management;
  • Towing Assistance;
  • Servicing of ship’s radio-navigational and communication equipment;
  • Maritime training and qualification;

Policy Statement

To safeguard life, environment and property

The policy of the Company is to achieve highest possible operational and economical results, that at the same time satisfy stated and/or implied customer requirements and avoid (or achieve minimum possible level of) adverse impacts to the environment through addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives, establishing healthy and safe working conditions, maintaining a safe, energy saving, environment protective and quality assuring operational practice that is in compliance with applicable national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines.

By applying the implemented documented Safety Environmental Protection and Quality Management System Navigation Maritime Bulgare wishes to demonstrate its ability and commitment to consistently provide services that meet applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and requirements that the Company considered necessary to comply with while aiming to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of that management system.


  • safe practices in ship operation, safe working environment and environmental protection;
  • prevention of injury, ill health and pollution;
  • assessment of all risks including cyber risks for operated ships, personnel and the environment and establishment of appropriate safeguards;
  • work environment, where all employees are motivated to carry out their activities to their best;
  • high security of crews, ship cargoes and ships while sailing in high risk areas;
  • provision of services meeting and even exceeding the customer expectations;
  • maintenance of operational profitability;
  • continuous improvement of safety, environmental and quality management skills of the shore and onboard personnel as well as their preparedness for action and response in emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.

The Company’s management system for the safe operation of ships, energy saving, pollution prevention and quality provision is described in present SEPQM Manual (NMB 01) as well as in Energy Efficiency Management Manual, which conform to ISM Code, MARPOL73/78, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.

The top management of the company states their commitment to this policy.

Executive Director: A.Kalchev

Company policy, v.15/ 18.10.2022